Mischievous. Unruly. Decentralized. And Cute AF. Here to have fun. Community Rules.

Wolfies is a community-run currency for people, projects, and memes of all shapes and sizes with a shared value system: appreciating the power of a more decentralized world. Our community is a home for those seeking a group of people contributing to the future of art, web3, and technology... and having fun doing it.

Ps. I'm not a fox.

Wolfies Tokenomics Reflect the Wolfies Community Values:

Initial supply: 250,000,000,000

Wolfies burned: 95,598,000.00

Current supply: 249,904,401,950.00

2% "Give To Earn" Bonus

In honor of The Guardian Academy's "Give to earn" spirit. Bonus rewards for community members that excel at helping others and onboarding new holders

2% Accelerator Fund

Dedicated to investing in other BNB chain projects chosen by the community

1% Buy n Burn

We're okay with a large starting supply, but not an inflationary one. Buy and burn is deflationary


Phase 1

  • CMC and CG Listing
  • LP Farms and Pools
  • Community Game Live
  • Tell people I'm not a fox

Phase 2

  • Launch Community Accelerator Vote
  • Unique Wolfies (Not foxes) NFTs
  • NFT staking protocols
  • Community voting structure upgrade

Phase 3

  • Apply for CEX listings
  • To be determined by community vote


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